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P.S. 41 is on a mission to achieve excellence in education by developing a community of lifelong learners made up of students, family and staff. To achieve this goal we are working collaboratively to explore effective teaching and learning strategies. We wish to create a total learning environment that helps children develop positive attitudes, values and self-esteem, while establishing a school environment that is safe, friendly, caring and cooperative.

Opt In to Blended Learning

Beginning this Wednesday, March 24 until April 7th, you can visit the Learning Preference Survey at to select blended learning for your child. Please note that if you select blended learning for your child, you must submit the consent for random COVID-19 testing.


Please know that while you can make a request, our seats available to accommodate these requests may be limited. The size of the building, rooms, number of staff, budget, social distancing and many other factors all still play heavy roles in how many seats we may be able to offer. We will do our best. I will have a much better idea when the request window closes. As we know from this unprecedented school year, there are implications to changes like this, up to and including the potential for room or teacher changes. 

To read more, visit DOE's website link.


New information about 2021-2022 Kindergarten can be found here.


Students from K-5 will return to 5 day in-person learning on Monday, February 22nd. 

From DOE's's website

Mandatory In-School COVID-19 Testing

In order for your child to return to in-person learning, you must submit the consent form for in-school COVID-19 testing. Mandatory in-school testing will happen weekly for a random selection of staff and students in all reopened school buildings.

If you have already submitted consent, we encourage you to do so again to ensure your student has the latest form on file. There are two easy ways to submit:

  • New York City Schools Account (NYCSA)

    • If you already have a NYCSA account linked to your student(s): Log in, click your student’s name, click “Manage Account,” and then when a dropdown menu appears, click “Consent Forms.” Read the page, and then choose the consent option at the end for your student.

    • If you do not already have a NYCSA account: You can create one right away!

      • If you have an account creation code from your school, you can create a full account in approximately five minutes, and then provide consent as described above.

      • If you do not have an account creation code from your school, you can still provide your consent right away by clicking “Manage Consent” under “COVID-19 Testing” and filling out your and your child’s information to provide consent.

  • Print and sign the form and bring it to your child’s school on the first day they are back in the school building.

    • A printable PDF file is available in ten languages at on our COVID Testing page.

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