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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

P.S.41Q teachers instill high level of instruction in order to meet or exceed common core learning standards.  Students are actively engaged in challenging activities to develop critical thinking skills. Our community seeks to instill a love for lifelong learning whether we're in person or remote.

image of students online and in a classroom.


English Language Arts

Our school uses Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. This program offers a balanced literacy approach to help children become lifelong readers and writers.


Our school uses the enVision Mathematics, Savvas Learning Company program.  The  lessons in this program starts with a problem-based learning to encourage students to think critically about a real-world math problem and multiple ways to solve it. It also offers more visuals to engage students in deeper understanding of complex problems. To access the digital portion of the textbook, login to TeachHub using your DOE email and password.  Then click on the tile, "enVisionMath".

Your school may email your student’s report card, share it with you at parent-teacher conferences, send a copy home with your student, or provide you the report card in other ways. You can also view your student’s report card through your New York City Schools Account(Open external link). Your account allows you to change password and access to other digital content. 

NYC Schools Account page
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